200+ Estate Firearms 

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Saturday, April 8th  @ 12:00 (NOTE: this is Saturday not our normal Sunday)

We are pleased to present another collection of 100 Winchesters from a local lifetime collection living estate; 150 firearms are from this estate, good quality firearms. The balance of the firearms are from numerous smaller estates and consignors.  Please check back as we update the auction. 

Long Guns: Five Winchester Model 42s, Winchester Model 12s including 28 ga, Skeet 12 ga, 20 ga & 16 ga. Winchester sporting rifles including 1906 35 cal, 1892 25-20 wcf, 52 22lr, 1890 22 wrf, 63 22lr. Winchester target rifles including 52s, 52B & 75s. 2 Armalite AR7s. plus more. Hand Guns: Ruger Security Six & New Model Blackhawk, Mark 1 &2. S&W 329PD, 340 PD & 629-4 Back Packer. Colt Challenger, Erma Mini Luger plus more. Other: Cannon Integrity 42 long gun safe, Stack On 10 long gun safe, ammo, mags plus more.

Collecting consignments for this auction now!

Prebidding available 10 days prior to auction. Auction will begin to close 4/2 at 12:00 noon.

PREVIEW BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, during normal business hours the Monday-Thursday prior to the auction 

 Items will be available for local pick-up after 1:00 PM Monday and by appointment ONLY. Invoices will be sent Monday morning. Absentee bids will be accepted and must be received by the Friday 3:00 prior to the auction.

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