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Proxibid Feedback Ratings

Our Proxibid ratings are a testament to our commitment to being as accurate as possible in our listings and the quality of our photos. It can be difficult in the secondary market to always know what exactly consigned items are, but at Cady Auction we are committed to providing honest listings and displaying photos that accurately represent auction items.

Feedback from Proxibid buyer received 10/30/16

Buyer’s Comments
Cady is one of those houses that will more likely than not get my direct attention on auction day – no matter the number or supposed prominence of other auctions. Why? They ship quick, package the products well and just give downright overall darn good service.

Feedback from Proxibid buyer received 10/9/16

My items were nicely wrapped and as a courtesy the auction house held them for me until I traveled to my destination, Great communication. Reasonable shipping charges. Would definitely buy from them again.

Feedback from Proxibid buyer received 8/22/16

Buyer’s Comments
Cady is one of those houses that will more likely than not get my direct attention on auction day – no matter the number or supposed prominence of other auctions. Why? They ship quick, package the products well and just give downright overall darn good service.

Email received from a satisfied consignor 5/15/16

I want to thank everyone at Cady Auction for making the auction experience most satisfying!  I was leery about auctions but you have made me a fan.  As you counseled me, some things sold for a little less but some things went for a whole lot more than I anticipated, the UP SIDE was wide open with the competitive bidding unlike selling outright would have been!  My total was 10-15% higher than I had anticipated! Thank you again!

Email received from a Proxibid buyer 7/8/15

Hi Deb, Just received my coins from you. Everything was as described. And I got a couple of great deals for My Grand Children.   Your Shipper is to be commended as everything was packed so as not for anything to be damaged and your $5.00 fee is more than reasonable. I would give Cady Auction the highest marks as an Auction Co.  Look forward to doing business with you again

Roger S Smith

Email received from a satisfied consignor 6/28/15

I have looked at all the items and overall I am pleased with the results… I will bring you more items later on and I will recommend Cady Auctions to others. You do very well with firearms and coins. Higher end items are your thing. I like that.

Email received from a satisfied consignor 6/7/15

Thank you both for a very nice job well done. I am one of your loudest voices of commendation here in SE Iowa.

Sincerely, Rich Sankey

Letter received about an estate gun consignment auction

Dear Mike & Debbie,
Thank you for the terrific auction. I was really impressed with how well the auction ran. You were both very informative to me regarding the auction which I really appreciated. I would Recommend Cady Auction Gallery to anyone.

Thanks again, Nancy Des Combes

Letter received about an estate gun consignment auction

Dear Deb and Mike
I am so pleased with my entire experience in auctioning my husband’s firearms collection. Using your business was clearly the right decision. You made things easy for me and were so thorough and professional! I was impressed with the advertising, the number of photos you took of the auction items and the thorough documentation of the prices realized.

Thank you for a job well done. I look forward to working with you again.

Bobbi Peters

Email received from Norm Irwin, Oklahoma City, OK regarding auction.

Mike & Deb,
I watched the auction today and I am very happy. You guys did an awesome job getting my knife collection sold. I was hoping to get a certain amount out of it and you surpassed that, “Great Job”. I have to tell you I was a little concerned last night looking at the pre-bids and Deb had to reassure me that it would all work out and it did. “Thank you” to you and your staff for all the hard work. If ever you need a reference, please feel free to have them contact me. I don’t think anybody could have done a better job.

Norm Irwin

Letter received regarding the Jack Brazier Estate Auction

Dear Mike and Deb,
There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the loss of a family member is always a difficult time in for the surviving family. It becomes more difficult when coupled with how to handle the deceased’s possessions. We were faced with this situation when my father passed away last summer. My dad was a unique individual that prided himself on his skills and craftsmanship. He had many things that the average person could not use, properly care for or appreciate. It was always his wish that items such as these be sold to collectors, experts, people that had as much passion and appreciation for them as he did all his life.  He did not want to see his most prized items collecting dust in storage and not being passed on to others. It was also his wish that Mike and Deb Cady be the ones to handle an auction of this type; firearms, automobiles, antique motorcycles, tools, gun smith equipment.

It is safe to say that my Dad made the right choice.  Mike and Deb are the true experts in this field. Their marketing skills were second to none. There is no way possible that a family could do this themselves and have as much success. All of the items that were auctioned at my Dad’s Estate exceeded our expectations. In large part this was due to Mike and Deb and the connections and following that they have. Mike told me to “trust the market, let the experts and collectors drive the price.” He was correct; the estate auction was a huge success.

In closing was the honesty and integrity that Mike and Deb held to throughout the entire process. All items cataloged, pictures taken, full inventory reports, etc. They listened to us and helped us make these difficult decisions, sticking to their word and contract throughout the process. It was a pleasure to work with them and I would recommend it for anyone in a similar situation. In the end, my Dad got to pass on his most prized possessions to others that love and appreciate them as much as he did. Mike and Deb helped make his wishes come true.

Thanks Again Cady’s
On Behalf of the Jack S. Brazier Estate

Letter received from Thomas Armitage, Cedar Rapids, IA

Dear Mike and Deb:
There are two decisions that most collectors will eventually have to make, when to sell and how to sell. I admit the decision to sell was difficult after collecting all those years but once that was over, the method of sale became an even more gut wrenching decision. I thought about trying to sell the collection myself or possibly consigning the collection to several well-known auction houses back East. It was a decision that took me quite a while to make. After all, the wrong decision could result in a disaster.

I decided to investigate the possibility of the Cady Auction Company disbursing my collection. I had attended a few of their auctions and was impressed. After the first meeting with Mike Cady, I felt I made the right decision. After the auction sale was over, I knew it was the right decision.

The whole process of listing, photographing, and advertising the auction was conducted in a professional and effective manner. The auction facility is clean, inviting, and well-lit. The commission rate was very fair. Payment was in a timely manner. But most of all, the auction company is honest. No funny business here.

I would like to thank both of you for making the selling of my collection a pleasurable experience. There is no hesitation on my part to whole heartedly recommend the Cady Auction Company to anyone wishing to sell by auction.

Again, thank you. And please feel free to use this letter for any purpose that helps promote your business.

Best regards, Thomas Armitage

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