About Us

Cady Auction Gallery & Appraisal was officially established in February of 2009. The owners, Leo (Mike) and Deb Cady, have been involved with the auction industry off and on for 30+ years, and have a combined 50+ years experience in sales and sales management, from large machine tools to software sales.  For a period of seven years, the native Iowans spent their weekends attending auctions in a three hundred mile radius of their home, buying and selling a plethora of antiques on the internet or through other auction venues.  When they decided to leave the corporate life behind them, the decision to pursue their passion, AUCTIONS, was a natural progression.

Mike and Deb are graduates of Continental Auctioneers School in Mankato, MN, both earning their certification as Auctioneers, Real Estate Auctioneers and Personal Property Appraisers.  With a class of twenty eight graduates, Mike was awarded the Best Overall Auctioneer award.  Both are members of the National Auctioneers Association and Iowa Auctioneers Association.

The Cady's sales philosophy encompasses the ideals that build honest and trusting relationships with customers.  They strive to maintain an ongoing, credible connection with both their sellers and buyers. By utilizing their  integrity, knowledge and support, they deliver successful results for all concerned.  Through their observations while attending close to five hundred auctions, and selling their own items at local to upscale auction houses, they learned what works and what doesn't, what customers like and what they don’t, and what is important and what is not.  With this in mind they created an auction environment that is user friendly, convenient, and fun.

Cady Auction Gallery found its niche in the Cedar Rapids area in the Quality auction arena, specializing in quality items only. "There were plenty of companies in this area for on-site, uncatalogued auctions. We specialize in selling items that need the exposure to the Internet and the respect of a catalogued auction. There was a gap in this area for these types of specialty auctions and we filled it," Mike and Deb state.

With full appreciation for your patronage, the whole Cady Auction staff, THANKS YOU!